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Morning all,
hoping some one can offer some advice as the local bike shops are not answering calls at the moment.

I have a 2016 Trek Superfly 29er (20126). The rear axel is busted and I can't find a spare anywhere as it seems the hubs used are only supplied OEM - according to Trek tech support.

Anyway they said I need a "29" centre lock disc break 135mm rear end".
Has anyone got any recommendations , usage will be xc on the Southdowns budget £150-£250.


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    You will need to double check your information. Every version of a 2016 Trek Superfly 29er's spec. that I've seen has a 142x12 thru axle rear end?
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    You don't 'need' centerlock. You could use a 6-bolt hub but that would mean having to buy a new brake disc as well.
    Your options are to buy a complete wheel or buy a new hub and get your existing rim built on to it.
    You can get a replacement Bontrager Mustang Pro rear wheel for about £200 but check your rear spacing. Despite what Trek Tech Support told you the on-line specs for the 2016 Superfly state 142mm rear.

    Out of interest, when you say "the rear axel is busted" what part is actually broken? Can you post a picture?
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    This could be a possible replacement thru axle. Compare picture with your broken axle, if it looks the same then you should email with exact make, model and year of your bike first and they will confirm if it fits. On sale for £18.30+postage.

    Nothing to lose by trying to find a replacement axle before looking for a whole new wheel.