Branx x dropper post

I have recently bought a dropper post and have noticed that it has a fair amount of play in the seat when its fully tight. I read somewhere others have had this issue too.

It's not noticeable when riding but very obvious when I physically move the seat when stopped.

Should this happen, should Ibask for a replacement?


  • reaperactual
    reaperactual Posts: 1,185
    Most if not all dropper posts I have come across have about 1mm of side to side play but not the actual saddle rail mount from the brass guide bushings within the dropper mechanism.

    Could this be where the movement is? If so it seems common and nothing to worry about.
  • wavey1000
    wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Yes it is this, rather than the rails. Mind at ease tha ks
  • reaperactual
    reaperactual Posts: 1,185
  • steve_sordy
    steve_sordy Posts: 2,446
    I have a Kind Shock E30i that is 18 months old.
    The saddle twists from side to side by a degree or so (ie rotates around the seat post), but does not rock side to side or back and forth. It works just fine. I can't feel it when riding.

    I had similar twisting on several Reverbs. What you need to look out for is when they drop by a 5-6 mm. This will quickly increase and it is a fatal fault. I had a KS dropper (i7) with that fault, and one week before the 2-year warranty was up, I got a brand new replacement.