Powertap G3

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I've a Powertap G3 Carbon rear wheel that I bought last summer and have hardly used. I am thinking of selling. They are off the bike and I changed the battery as it is dead. I have tested them by spinning the wheel in my hand. The speed is picked up by my bike computer but the cadence and power although showing as connected do not give any readings. Is this because the torque I am generating turning hub with fingers (turning where cassette goes not just spinning spokes) so weak that no reading is produced ? I don't really want to have to put a cassette on again just to tell if I can avoid it.


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    yes, you do not generate enough torque by spinning the wheel. My Garmin would show that PM is connected, but would show zero Watt
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  • If there's a cassette on the hub you could use a chain whip to 'pulse' some torque through it - it will give you a cadence reading if everything is fine inside.