Clipless Pedal Recommendations

I have returned to my road bike, a Giant Defy 3, after a 3 year gap and am loving riding it again. I never rode clipless previously but friends i am riding with at the moment are suggesting I go clipless and i thing its time i took the plunge.

One the reasons I have returned to the bike is about 4 months ago it was confirmed I have arthritis on both hips. Squash my real passion will almost certainly end after lock-down and running, while do-able, is sometimes a struggle.

However correctly seated on the bike cycling is pretty much same as it ever was.... (no singing)..... I am not quick about 15mph average casual and 17-18mph with effort. Rides of 25-40 miles 3 or 4 times a week preferred, as I am also pretty inflexible across the shoulders e.g I can not get down on the bars - I ride on the top of the bars.

I like the look of Shimano SPD (i think the flat side will give me some reassurance), but its the twisting to clipping out with dodgy hips that concerns me. I would appreciate any first timer recommendations you can give on pedals and shoes.

Thanks very much


  • ugo.santalucia
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    Shimano SPD are the easiest to clip out of, so I would recommend those, maybe a double sided one, like the XT ones. You can undo the tiny allen bolt at the rear to make unclipping effortless. I don't think there is much hip action involved, you ar really just rotating the heel a few degrees. Likewise, an inexpensive pair of Shimano XC 31 shoes or equivalent will be perfect
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    I bought a pair of as my first venture into 3-bolt shoes/pedals, plenty of float there to protect my knees, just like my old 2-bolt ATAC XS Carbons.
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    I know you've asked for recommendations, but are you sure you really need them (genuine question)? On the plus side you will have the 'look' and a tiny improvement in power transfer (that by the type of riding you appear to be doing will be unoticable). If your rides with your mates include the odd sprint for a town sign then it is probably safer to do it in clipless pedals too. Otoh you have a pre-existing medical condition that this might (or might not) exacerbate and are incurring a cost that is probably unnecessary, unless you are intending to progress to more serious riding that what you have described here. There's also a pretty good chance that when you first use them you will have an off until the release process becomes instinctive. With your issue that increased likelihood might be worth bearing in mind. Walking in cycling shoes wtih cleats is also a pita and potentially another place where you increase your risk of falling over (though likely much better with spds).

    Assuming you've already thought through all that then I'd recommend Time pedals, which allow a large degree of float and are easy to disengage. Just be careful as some of them have very sharp edges (e.g. my xpresso 8s)!
  • bompington
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    I've used SPD-SL for years now. No problems right up to my hip replacement, no problems straight after.
  • singleton
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    I use Shimano SPD and SL and both good for me.
    I understand that speedplay offers more float - which might or might not be a consideration for you.