Can’t remove rear cassette on hybrid bike

I have a Shimano MF-TZ31 rear cassette and I need to replace the wheel bearing however I cannot get the cassette off. On my road bike it’s a simple task but my cassette removal tool don’t slip down to slot into the teeth. Am I missing something it does look like the cassette has a lock ring on it but I cannot find a tool or budge it myself. If you can have a look at the photos and advise please.


  • whyamihere
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    That's not a cassette, it's a freewheel. That means you don't need to use a chain whip to remove it, just turn the tool when you manage to get it inserted. It looks like the lock nut is too large to allow your tool to pass over it though. I would remove the lock nut first and then try again to insert the tool.
  • Many thanks whyamihere but just can’t remove that lock ring any ideas the tool as you say is just wide. I see they do a park tool FR-1 that says it is slightly narrower. I may just heat up the lock ring to see if that helps.
  • ugo.santalucia
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    You need the freewheel tool, which is different from the freehub tool. Pretty sure I've got one.
    Park Tool FR1.2 should work
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  • Many thanks for all the help that’s another problem fixed, now to the next problem ?