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Action camera, new "budget" v 2nd hand GoPro?

So my old Amazon special camera died after 4 years use this week.

Looking at replacements, now weighing up getting another budget special or going Gopro which would have to be 2nd hand.

The quality on the old camera was good enough for me (I'm not into fancy videos) but the sound was annoying as hell when attached to bike.

Looking on Amazon and the like now there are plenty of £40-50 options but I suspect the quality will vary a lot. My brother has just picked up a 2nd hand GoPro session and it seems a whole lot better. Only concern on something like that would be the state of the battery for me.

So, any current knowledge/experience of the budget versions? Or words of support that 2nd hand GoPros will be fine?

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  • wongataawongataa Posts: 1,001
    edited June 2020
    Second hand GoPros will be fine. You can always buy new batteries if the one it comes with has deteriorated. The only issue with GoPros and cycling is that the recording time is unlikely to be much over an hour max on one battery so not great for a ride longer than that.
  • RedClipRedClip Posts: 110
    I've tried a lot of the cheaper action cameras, and have always been disappointed with the picture quality and image stabilisation.
    Now I use 2 GoPros and a power bank.

    Take a look at the eBay GoPro page for refurbs.
    I bought a 6 Black months ago.

  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 1,065
    I have a GoPro Hero 2018 that I bought off eBay that does the job. Picture quality is excellent & I’ve no real complaints apart from maybe the battery life but this is the sane for pretty much all GoPros.

    I can just about get 2 hours out of it with all the settings on the lowest but this is still more than good enough for what I need, particularly car registrations.
  • I've got an original GoPro Hero I can sell if interested. Works absolutely fine, has both backdoor cases (waterproof and vented), and can throw-in a GoPro chest mount harness too...
  • de_sistide_sisti Posts: 1,283
    Crosstour ct8500.

    Here are a couple of reviews done by a chap in our club: ... 7-gvkDGZDI ... S44ywB2-Ls
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