Sean Yates returns

Not quite at the level he left the peloton at.

It will be interesting to see the effect he has on their performance and ability to finish off breakaways and stage races with TTs.

I wonder how the move will be perceived by people who still remember the Motorola years... and Fagor for that matter.

Nippo Delko is an odd choice but I suppose its a good thing for him to have found a role at this current time. I have to say I love their kit this season, the fisherman chic is perfect.


  • amrushton
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    been advertising ribble ebikes as his heart condition means climbing may well be his end. But regarded by many as a good DS. Article on him on Velonews. he lives off-grid in Spain. Also got a luxury ride coming up with Wiggins @£2k on the Isle of Wight which includes cooking by Raymond Le Banc. Sign me up!