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Advice for a female beginner

Hi all,

I'm not the person in question, but they are a family member.
I'm looking to get some advice or comment from anyone about a new bike for a 24 yr old female beginner.
Current thinking is the Womens version of the Cannondale Synapse disc - but any comments in support of this choice or with another suggestion is most welcome.



  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 943
    What's the budget?

    This to me looks like an excellent bike for beginners:
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,110

    What's the budget?

    This to me looks like an excellent bike for beginners:

    Dr Bomp has one and she loves it. Not the lightest, but goes well and a good intro to road bikes.
  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 2,411
    Synapse would be a very decent choice too though, assuming model under consideration has hydraulic discs.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,263
    What does she want to do with the bike ? Commute ? Weekend rides ? Race ?

    What kind of terrain do you have ?
  • N0bodyOfTheGoatN0bodyOfTheGoat Posts: 4,065
    Experience of being on drop bars combined with their desired balance between speed and comfort will be pretty improtant criteria for choosing bike.

    Not to mention choice of a bike to ride now is quite limiting, so many sub ~£2k bikes simply are out of stock until the 2021 models arrive from around late August, thanks to the lockdown bike buying frenzy! have 50/53/56cm frames in stock, decent first rim braked road bike, sportive (relaxed) position for £700 isn't bad for £750 has the 50cm frame in stock, similar if not identical geo to above but with hydraulic brakes for £1200
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  • singletonsingleton Posts: 1,568
    Thanks all - particularly for those who've taken some real effort around research and link posting - much appreciated.

    Of course you've asked the same questions as I would have asked if I didn't know her, I probably should have added some more context.

    Budget is £800- £1k real cost in C2W
    Triban is worth a look - thanks
    Alloy synapse isn't available with hydro discs, 105 model has spyres but others have lesser cable discs
    She lives in London but it will mostly be leisure road rides and there is a ride club at work she will get involved with and ride with.

    She was planning to buy the bike earlier in the year and train for a 100k sportive, but those plans have taken a back seat due to lockdown. She's now resurrecting the bike purchase and wants to make the most of what's left of the summer.
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