SPD Shoes


I'm after a bit of help finding some shoes. I currently have a pair of Shimano SPD SL shoes. I've had them for years and they are still doing well. Originally when I had them I had SPD pedals and so obviously I had SPD cleats - when those cleats had worn out I decided to try SL pedals and cleats and have used them for the last few years.

Throughout both SL and SPD I have hated having to walk like a duck with the cleats sticking out below. The SL cleats are worse. My left foot cleat has just about given up the ghost so I'm going to go back to SPD I think.

I've been looking for some shoes that have recessed cleats so I can walk in them.

I thought I had found the perfect shoe - a Shimano MT44:

However it seems to be discontinued.

Has anyone seen anything else like this? I like the fact that it looks like a fairly regular trainer/walking shoe. Most of the Shimano range on their website look hideous.

I've seen some Muddy Fox ones at Sports Direct but I had some Muddy Fox clothing before and its quality was questionable at best.