Buying Dirt/street jump bike

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I am planing on buying my first dirt/street jump bike.
I grew up on skateparks but never got too good and now a 10ish years later I would like to start again.
I found a KHS SJ200 2013 model for around 220$.
Is that bike any good and is it worth the monney.
The thing is I live in Croatia and there are few dj bikes in the first place here.
Is there a bike you would recommend or a brand that I should keep an eye out for?

Here's the link for the khs:



  • reaperactual
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    Dirt and street jump bikes aren't my thing and know little about them.

    Had a look at YT Dirt Love which looks like a great bike but then while having a quick search around online and as a total novice, the Dartmoor Two6player pro really stands out and looks awesome! Definitely worth keeping an eye out for.