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Hi I am looking for purchase a entry level road bike. I can get the Triban RC120 for £379 or the Carrera Vanquish 2020 with mechanical disc brakes which I can get through my work scheme so I would pay £270~ over the scheme (provided I don't leave the company). Is the RC120 worth the extra £100~.
I will use the bike to commute to work when the weather is not too bad (about 12 mile round trip) and also at weekends for leisure. I am finding it hard to choose, the reviews for the older Vanquish were not too great, but this is the new model (no reviews yet) but has mechanical disc reviews. Also I can get the RC120 now I may have to wait a few weeks for the Vanquish. What do you guys think, get the RC120 or potentially save £100~ and opt for the Vanquish?
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    Must confess I like the looks of the new Vanquish, shame it comes with mechanical disc brakes, but then it wouldn't be £400.

    If it's flat mount, I'd almost be tempted to fit a new Shimano 7020 set on my Cube and put the 505s on the Vanquish (plus necessary drivetrain bits) to make it a hydraulic commuter.

    Worth checking the max rider/luggage weights, Decathlon bikes have a history of low limits compared to Carrera.
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    Maximum load on the fork: 9 kg and max weight gross permitted weight must not exceed 120 Kgs (bike, rider & luggage) for the RC120
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    Are you comparing the RC120 disc or the RC120 rim to the Vanquish?
    Mechanical discs may not be as good as hydros, but they're likely better than rim brakes when it's wet.
    Also, you can switch to some TRP Spyres in future if you want, and they are dual piston and like to be an improvement over the standard discs.
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    I was comparing the rim brake RC120.
    The RC120 Disc is £429 and there reviews of users having problems changing tyres on the RC120 disc with it's "Triban Tubeless ready wheel" and also is not in stock for several weeks.

    My main dilemma is whether -
    Triban RC120 is £100 better than the Carrera Vanquish.

    Checked online, the saving on the Vanquish is £128 through the cycletowork scheme through halfords. so effectively £272 as long as I stay with the company for the duration, but I have to pay £20~ at the end of scheme to buy the bike off the company.

    I did try to look up other bikes through Halfords and Tredz but they do not have stock and will not get stock of certain models till Sept/October.
    I can get the RC120 now or the Vanquish next week or the bike after hopefully.
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    The new Boardman SLR 8.6 Mens Road Bike 2021, is coming out soon. Is it worth the £100 extra than the Carrera Vanquish?
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    With a smaller budget I would look at second hand, you’ll get so much more for your money. There are plenty of bikes out there that have only been rode a couple of times going cheap.
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    oxoman said:

    All day long.

    The Boardman SLR 8.6 Will be better than the Triban RC120 too right?
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    The Boardman SLR 8.6 Mens Road Bike 2021 has a rim brakes and a 11-32T cassette
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    As with all advice relating to beginners bikes, buy the one you really like the look of. They are all in essence the same.
    Insert bike here:
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    i got bored of waiting and managed to grab a Triban rc120