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Advice on replacing chainset

I am wanting to swap by x2 10 with an eagle 1x12, how do I know it will fit?

I currently have a 2014 boatman 650b hardtail and want the sram eagle 1x12as it reduce to 260 quid on crc.

Does anyone know if it will fit or if I need to buy extra bits?



  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,163
    edited June 2020
    Possibly a new bottom bracket. You may need a Sram GPX BSA threaded bb in either 68 or 73mm depending on frame shell width. Not sure if the current FSA Mega exo would be compatible with Eagle crankset?

    You would need a non Boost Eagle crankset for optimum chainline for a non Boost rear frame.

    Your current rear hub has a standard Shimano splined freehub so a Sram SX/NX Eagle cassette will fit fine.
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    edited June 2020
    So basically, sorry to sound thick, if I buy the bundle eagle deal the only think inwould/may need is a bottom bracket.

    The eagle comes with the crack, derailer, cassette etc
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,163
    Don't know the specific bundle but if it's a full 5 piece groupset including shifter, mech, NX/SX cassette, chain and crankset then all you would need is the relevant bottom bracket for the crankset.

    The main other important factor is the type of cassette for your freehub. If it is the one written in bold then the bb is all the only extra you will need.
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Great thank you. One last thing. How would I know hat BB to get for my bike and the new set up?
  • Spyks013Spyks013 Posts: 3
    If you're talking about the NX bundle on ChainReaction, the £260 one is for a Boost set, so you might want to double check your frame as Reaper said
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,163
    Spyks013 said:

    If you're talking about the NX bundle on ChainReaction, the £260 one is for a Boost set, so you might want to double check your frame as Reaper said

    The Sram GPX may comes in different shell width sizes or a universal type that can be used on both shell sizes and adapted for each using spacers.

    You would need to measure your bikes shell width, it will be either 68 or 73mm (mtb frame standard) and find out from there which bb is the correct one.

    Having said all that, as I and now Spyks013 has kindly reminded you a Boost crankset won't work unless your rear frame is Boost!

    In simple terms the chainring will sit 3mm further outboard than a non Boost version so chainline will be wrong and could cause a few issues e.g:- poor shifting, pre mature wear of whole drivetrain, back pedalling issues, noise or all off the above.
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Jeeves. Think I may sell it then and buy a new one, so uds easier
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Have a look at Shimano Deore. Cracking value at around £250 for a transmission group set and far easier to set up than SRAM.
    I built up 2 bikes for a mate last year using SRAM NX and will never touch it again. IMO the DUB bb is a stupid idea with that plastic pre-tension ring and having to use a plastic guide to set the b-stop just complicates things.
    I used to be a fan of SRAM gearing but am now firmly in the Shimano camp.
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