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Pins and Needles and vibration on your hands

Hi all,
I have carbon frame and forks but still, I get uncomfortable hands after 20 mile or so. Tried several pairs of mitts, no mitts (worse) but I still get it.
Any thoughts or workarounds please?


  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,194
    What kind of bartape are you using?
    How wide are your tyres and what pressure are you running them at?
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,724
    Bad position can lead to too much weight on the hands. Can you comfortably lift your hands off the tops while riding or are you falling back down immediately. That said, above are the right pointers most of the time, comfortable bar tape is a good call, you'd be amazed how many people ride with way excessive tyre pressure too and that makes for a buzzy ride indeed.
  • Hi guys, I am on 25mm tyres (GP5000) and I inflate the rear to 110psi otherwise the rear will "balloon" slightly (a few mm) at the touch point at the road with my weight. I do find that a lesser pressure alleviates the pins and needles somewhat (not completely) but then I risk a puncture if I have the tyre ballooning ?????

    Yes I can take my hands off fine. That said, I am a large, muscular rider at 17st with big arms and chest (38" waist) - and I am addressing this and hope to be 14-15st in a couple of months and down to 34" waist again (it's a long story but i was a single dad and could not get out and my weight went up).

    Bar tape is the £8 a roll type - Fizik I think it is, it;s been on a long time.

    Would carbon handlebars help?
  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,194
    Using the data you've given me this advises 90-95psi:

    Tyres have to be a fair bit lower than that to pinch, of course you could run tubeless and eliminate this risk.
    A tyre ballooning will mean better grip as there'll be a larger contact area.

    Some bar tape with some gel padding will do a lot more than carbon handlebars and is a hell of a lot cheaper.
  • Thanks, I will look into it.
  • essexianessexian Posts: 179
    May I also suggest you see your GP when you can. They could suggest you have a nerve test to check if you have carpal tunnel syndrome which is treatable.

    If you get pins and needles in your hands at night, it would certainly be worth exploring this further.
  • fatted864fatted864 Posts: 65
    Usual answer, Bike Fit, Strong Core, Gel under handlebar tape, Change hand position often, Big tyres low pressure. Ride more
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