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Help with Bryton computer

mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 251
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I recently bought a Bryton 410 and whilst it seems fine on the bike I can't seem to do anything to either get the data off it or upload new firmware onto it. I've installed the app on the 'phoneand it recognises the device but when I try and sync the data nothing happens. On the laptop when I plug it in it's not recognised at all. Their videos seem to relate to other models (I've got a ryder 410) meaning I can't follow those. I've emailed their support but apparently they're very busy atm...anyone had similar issues and overcome them?

Thanks in advance for any help.



  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,671
    I had a bryton years ago and whilst the device itself was good, connectivity and software was appalling.

    Only suggestions are to connect the device to the laptop and then power it up. See if it is recognised.
    If not, you may need to search for and download the drivers.

    If you're able to do that then I would ignore using the bryton training centre for uploading and analysing ride data, just export the .fit file to training peaks or similar.
  • mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 251
    Thanks RV. The problem is the laptop doesn't recognise it either :-(
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,671
    It will be missing the drivers. Do a search for them and download and install them on the laptop. It should then at least enable the laptop to recognise the device.
  • mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 251
    edited June 2020
    Thanks again RV. Beyond googling bryton 410 drivers - which doesn't turn up anything - I'm not sure what to do? I've had problems with the laptop not reconising another serial device (a Joule) and tried to upload some ftdi drivers but that didn'e seem to help, which is why I bought something that is supposedly compatible with Bluetooth...Could the Bluetooth issue be that I have too much data on the head unit (a month or so worth of rides)?
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,671
    Have you actually downloaded the bryton software on to your laptop?? That's the first step as it should include the drivers which will then enable you to connect the device.

    Edit, looking at their site they now appear to have an online training centre
    Try to login to that and see what is available.
  • mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 251
    Cheers RV, I'd already done that. Let's see what (if anything) their customer support team come back with...
  • awisemanawiseman Posts: 35
    I've just done everything from scratch for my own 410, so here's whatI did.

    1 - Go to click on "Downloads", click on "Bryton Software", download the "Bryton Update Tool" and install.
    2 - run the software and connect the 410 to the usb port. The drivers will now install and the software wil display the device.
    3 - go to " and logon.
    4 - click on the green circle with the cross (top right).
    5 - click on "select files", browse to the .fit files on the 410 and select theo nes you want to upload. When completed I was left with a white rectangle on the page. I don't know if this is an OS, browser or site issue. Just refresh the page if this happens.
    6 - click on "Activities" to see your uploads.
  • mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 251
    Thanks Awm - maybe I'll uninstall it and go through that and see if it gets me anywhere.

  • mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 251
    edited June 2020
    ok I tried that, the problem is at step 2 when I plug in the device nothing happens :-( It doesn;t recognise that I have the device plugged in.

    tbh I think the laptop might be the problem (though that wdn't explain why the bluetooth doesn't work) - I should have access to some different (older) laptop(s) next week, digits crossed one of those works.
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