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Should I buy new carbon bike w/ existing paint chip?

I saw a sweet gravel bike at a local shop but it has a paint chip on side of top tube. See here:

The chip was from a staff person accidentally knocking it over inside the shop, and it hit another bike's pedal. Since the damage is not from a crash, and seems mostly cosmetic, is it worth the risk? What are the odds the frame might be damaged?

Normally I wouldn't consider this kind of damage on a new bike, but this year all the bikes in the universe are sold out, so really not much choice if i want something for the summer.


  • shortfallshortfall Posts: 3,288
    I'd want a decent discount but I wouldn't worry about frame damage. Put a sticker over it and forget about it.
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,686
    Get a discount and put a sticker, clear laquer or both over it. In time, think about getting it professionally touched up (John Leslie, anyone?) if it's bothering you.

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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,745
    As above. I got my Defy Pro as a guy dropped it on his test ride and it was straight out of the box. Saved a fortune.
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  • Thanks for the votes of confidence everyone...
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