Using Mountain Bike for Turbo training


Sorry new to all this - have discovered cycling in lock down and managed to put T2 diabetes in remission so want to be able to continue through the winter indoors. Aim to maintain and build fitness as a pose to racing etc.

I have a 17inch mountain bike with 26inch wheels. I’d like to set up with Zwift. I am looking at magnetic and fluid turbo trainers with resistance gadget to attach to handle bar or one that talks to Zwift direct as Direct Drive are out of my price range.

I think my options are
1. Get a training wheel that is quick release? with a new cassette to put on the back of my mountain bike ( do i need anything else?
2. Get another mountain bike Rear wheel with a slick mountain bike tyre ( and new cassette ?? )
3. Get a cheap second hand road bike with quick release rear tyre

Any suggestions ? Any details would be helpful ( what to get and where )



  • singleton
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    Can you not get a mountain bike frame onto a direct drive turbo??
    The turbo has a cassette on it, so you remove your rear wheel and attach your chain to the turbo cassette.
  • Hi

    Direct Drives are too much money - unless I am missing something? They start at @500£
  • singleton
    singleton Posts: 2,523
    I paid about £260 for an Elite Turbo Muin 2 direct drive trainer a couple of years ago - but I see that turbo trainers have gone up during lockdown.

    However, you can buy a new one of these for under £400 - check out eBay item 193527895959.
    This will also save you the additional cost of a new wheel and tyre combination and direct drive is very quiet.
  • Thanks I’ll have a look
  • bobmcstuff
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    You will be able to use a wheel on trainer but as you suggest you'll probably want a dedicated wheel with a smooth/training tyre on it. Although one thing to think about would be the wheel size range the trainer is compatible with, since many are aimed at road bikes. Direct drive would be easier in that regard.

    For Zwift you'll want to keep the trainer on the resistance setting you are told to use and you make it harder and easier by changing gears (it estimates your power based on the speed the rear wheel is turning against a known resistance level, so the resistance level needs to stay constant). So having an attachment to change the resistance is not that important.