E-Bike on a budget


Forgive me but I am very new to this cycling lark. In fact I haven't started yet but I wanted some advice.

I am looking to start cycling to work but there are a couple of major hills on my commute and so I was looking to get an electric bike. My commute is about 7 miles along country lanes. I have a budget of around £1500. As far as I can see I have a few options. I

1. Buy a budget electric bike, I have found a few suitable options but you may have other suggestions.

- https://leoncycle.co.uk/NCM-Moscow_1
- https://www.merlincycles.com/corratec-e-power-28-active-8-coaster-400w-bosch-hybrid-e-bike-160704.html
- https://powerbikes.uk/bikes/leisure-dutch-commuter-bikes/ezego-commute-int__30469

2. Buy a second hand E Bike with a better spec

3. Don't waste my time with an E Bike at the lower end of the market, buy a better road bike and put up with the hills.

Any advice/recommendations would be gratefully received.


  • PMark
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    I personally wouldn't buy your first bike without trying it in person first. So you are probably better limiting your choices to bike shops which have physical stores. Otherwise you might spend £1500 on a bike and then realise you don't like the size/seating position.

    Halfords do have a few e-bikes, so they are worth a visit to see the kind of thing you can get for £1500. Ones with the motor in the peddles (known as hub or mid-drive) are generally best (although probably a bit outside your budget). But ones with motors in the wheels are OK too, but you can notice the difference more when you turn the power off in these models.