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Hanging bikes in garage

ed1973ed1973 Posts: 284
So I’ve finally come to the end of the list my wife gave me to do during lockdown, so now it’s my turn. I’m looking to tidy my garage and already have some crappy 2 pronged contraptions that can hold 2 bikes each but they are a pain in the rear. I’ve worked out that I can move some shelving around and get a wall freed up to use as bike storage. I’m liking the idea of the bike hooks that use a wheel to lock the bike into place, so the bikes are held in a vertical position. So I’m wondering, how many bikes I could hang on the wall. The wall is about 1.5m wide and about 2.5m tall. Can I use multiple heights of hooks to off set the bikes so handle bars don’t collide with each other? What’s other people’s experience with this kind of storage? I have 7 bikes in total, 2 24inch wheeled kids bike, a xl frame road bike, 3 29er mountain bikes and a 26inch mountain bike. And yes keeping these all maintained often feels like I’m running a race team!!


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