Frame Dilema

Building up my new winter .... well year-round mucky disc bike. Thought I'd try and get some opinions, abuse whatever to tip my choice:

1. Bowman Palace 3 - well I live local and they get great reviews, lots of them around here, but it'll be great to race it at the Palace Crits if this old carcass can keep up. Prefer the old paint job though (the black one)
2. Cinelli Semper Disc - Sucker for Italian bling and my track bike is, of course, a Cinelli. As is my best lovely for life (yeah right) rim bike. When steel was the only way I always had a Tomasini, in fact, there is a mangled one in the shed probably worth a kidney or two if I'd mend it. And there is only one standard for groupset and it's Campy', Sidi for shoes .... shall I bore you more
3. Flanders Forte - Great guy building great wheels and importing well researched good quality frames. The above two are imports as well! 500g lighter and carbon, looks great too with no dropped seat stays thank the lord I don't want a mountain bike.

All the sameish cost-wise at around the £800 mark all will be dressed with USE finishing kit (great British company who I've moved to from 3T) and Chorus disc. Anyway a dilemma.