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Any suggestions for good tyres to convert mtb for road use, 26" wheels-not too pricey

warwickbearwarwickbear Posts: 21
edited 20 June in MTB general
I have a mountain bike that is used for cycling a few miles to the shops,I will cover about 8 miles most days,could anyone suggest a good tyre for riding on tarmac, that I hope wont break the bank,I'm a full time carer for my mother,so have very little money,so this is the easiest thing for me to do as I wont be buying a different bike any time soon.If anyone has spotted anything on line that's a cracking price,that would be ideal,any links appreciated,or maybe you just know a tyre with a speedy reputation
I'm 12.5 stone and the bike has 26" wheels,I'm not sure what width of tyre would be best,obviously something nice and slick with little rolling resistance though


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