Gear Cable Snapped

Hi, the end of the gear cable on my front derailleur frayed and broke off. The cables still attached it just has no excess cable coming through (see photos below).

Is this safe to ride or does the cable need replacing?

What do I need to replace the cable?

Thanks in advance


  • reaperactual
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    Looking at the first pic it seems like cable is still fully anchored and only the end has snapped off so it will be ok to ride until a time it needs replacing in the future.

    When you next need to change it for any reason I would recommend a Shimano shift cable although any shift cable will do, the best ones are stainless steel in my opinion.

    To change you just undo anchor bolt pull out old cable through outer and shifter (various methods required depending on shifter used) and replace in reverse order, use cable cutters and crimp on new cable end cap with pliers to avoid end fraying.

    Very easy to replace cables the tricky part is tuning shifting after installation so worth checking out a YouTube tutorial on the subject for handy tips and best way to do it when the time comes.
  • ugo.santalucia
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    to replace a cable You need a 5 mm Allen key and you need a pair of cable cutters. Once the cable has been shortened to length, you will need a tiny cap to put on top to prevent fraying, or even better you could solder it
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  • fenix
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    Or a drop of superglue.
  • Charlie_Croker
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    As far as I can see you don’t need to do anything right now.

    It looks like the excess cable has broken off, which is odd in itself but not a problem. Provided you don’t try/need to adjust your front derailleur.

    It would be wise to replace the gear cable at some point, you can shop around for a deal (buy a gear cable not a brake cable). Others have already said what is needed.

  • redvision
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    For the sake of a couple of quid just change the cable.
  • arlowood
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    j.yard94 said:

    Looks like the classic case of the residual cable being left too long and catching on your cycle shoe each pedal revolution. That flicking has fatigued the strands and caused it to snap.

    Like @redvision says - life's to short to faff around worrying about an FD cable. Get a new one fitted PDQ