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Shimano RS700 issue small dent issue

Hope you’re well in these strange times….

Wondered if I could get your expert opinions on a new set of wheels I’ve won recently on e bay. They are shimano ultegra rs700 c30 clincher and there is a small dent in the side. I've attached a picture with this below.

The wheels are brand new but I am concerned due to the wheel being of both aluminium and carbon fibre construction. They are from Wiggle returns dept. so effectively a slightly spoiled item. They describe them as cosmetic damage only...and never used.

Thoughts? I managed to secure them for quite a good price (less than half price!) and they seem to get good reviews, but I was just a wee bit concerned from the construction of these if they would be ok? I plan to drop by my LBS when they arrive just to get them checked over regardless, but in the meantime would love to hear thoughts,

Thanks all

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