2x9 to a 1x11

I have just purchased a Vitus Neclues 27 VR 2017. I am looking to swap out the drivetrain to a 1x11.
Is this possible and if so what am I looking for. Any help would be much appreciated. Not looking to spend a fortune.

New here by the way. Hello all.



  • reaperactual
    reaperactual Posts: 1,185
    Hello! First you need to swap out the square taper bottom bracket for an external cup version. Highly recommend a Shimano Hollowtech II bb and 11 speed Hollowtech II, two piece crankset which are considered the best.

    An 11 speed chain, 11 speed derailleur with matching brand of shifter and an 11 speed cassette (Shimano, Sram NX or SX) to fit your standard Shimano freehub.

    Easy way would be to buy a whole groupset in one go but you could buy separately which may save you some money if you look for parts on sale although may take a little longer to source all you need.