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Raleigh Criterium 2018 Road Bike - Value?

I have this road bike in almost new condition. Bought new on a whim and then due to an injury hardly ever ridden (outside less than a handful of times and only the odd time on the turbo trainer I got with it) I’ve attached a few images. It seems a shame it just being left stored and not used but not being knowledgeable on the subject I don’t know what kind of price I should be asking for it or if it’s worth the hassle of selling at all - depending on its value now second hand.
Any advice on a realistic

value or how to sell would be much appreciated


  • markdurdlemarkdurdle Posts: 40
    There is a lot of demand for bikes at the moment and shops are selling out of the sub £1000 models, so you can get decent prices for them 2nd hand. You should get around £300+ for it on ebay.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,785
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    That looks to be a £500 bike new?

    The usual rule of thumb is 50% down for year 1, then 10% for each additinal year - so on that basis, depending on when you bought it, that would make it £250 or £225.

    As mark mentioned, there is unusual demand at the moment, and it's a good time of year to sell with the general lack of any bikes.

    2021 models will be on the way soon, so I think now is the time.

    Is it a popular size?
    In my opinion 54 & 56 are probably the most popular frame sizes sold.

    The downside of the Raleigh, is that they are no longer revered as a desirable (imho) brand, so you won't get the people who might be looking for certain branded bikes considering it.
    However it is a budget end bike in nearly new condition, so you may well get a quick sale - maybe advertise on a local facebook for sale site, and chance your arm at £350, but be prepared to accept less.

    To increase the chance of a quick sale, give loads of info - so all the stuff about it hardly being ridden, loads of close up pics of the frame, and components, and make sure you list the frame size in the listing, and if it were me, I would also list the groupset, and number of gears at the back, maye even with the cassette range (presumably online somewhere, or just count the teeth) and I would do the same for the cogs up front, as peope will want to know if it's ready for the hills - almost certainly will have a 50-34 up front, but if you present all the info up front, it will save a lot of questions.
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  • wijccwijcc Posts: 19
    The price of used bikes is very high currently, some bike are going for crazy amounts on Ebay. Maybe stick it on there with a reserve set to the minimum amount you would accept.
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