Help - lost in transmission confusion '(-_-)'

Hi. Joined the forum to see if anyone can help shed some light on my quandry? I"ve Deda Dabar (bullhorn) handlebars and Shimano 105 front and rear mechs. The bike is 2x9 speed. My query is finding the right trigger shifters to fit either side of the headset clamp on the 31.8mm bars and their compatible bracket/clamps. They have to be hinged brackets/clamps or they won't get around the corners of the bars. I've seen some BOX brackets that'll house a BOX 9speed shifter securely on 31.8 bars, but I can't find a BOX x2 speed left hand shifter for the front mech? I've seen some PAUL brackets for SRAM shifters but they're a lot of money. Plus I don't know if I can run my shimano 105 mechs on SRAM shifters? I could put bar end shifters in and cyclecross brake levers on top of the bars, but I'd don't want this configuration. Like I say, I want bar end brakes and trigger shifters eitherside of the headset clamp on 31.8 clean bracket/clamps. If anyone can help advise me what will work with what, plus keep the bars nice and clean but function properly, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Thanks.


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    I don't think there is an easy solution unfortunately. You can use these:
    but you'd need to cut the clamp off the shifter and make a custom bracket to mount them. Wouldn't try it with a brake lever clamp, but for shifters it should be possible.
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    Pull ratio for SRAM is probably different I'm afraid. You also need to check whether the Shimano road and MTB pull ratios are the same.

    As far as I'm aware though, the cassette spacing is the same from SRAM and Shimano 9-10-11 speed, so why not get yourself a set of the SRAM shifters and an SRAM MTB rear mech?

    I've never come across the combination of bull horns and trigger shifters. Most people either use bar end shifters or road sti's on the horns themselves. If you are using bull horn bars your way, you can only be using the horns for an alternative hand position (unless you have the brakes there, and want the shifters somewhere else, which would be very odd).

    Have you considered a flat bar and bar ends for the extra hand position? It is a bit old school, but does seem to fit how you are actually riding.