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Is tere such a thing ?

As a bad luck bike ?
I have a Felt Z5 , well reviewed bike with 105 , 11 speed again well reviewed.
However,three bottom brackets, 105 shifter , numerous cable issues , gear and brake, into the carbon repair shop for front mech hanger and ( admitidly my fault) down tube carbon repair where the SKS mudguards had been catching the frame.
To top it all yesterday on a wet and pissy rid,e for no apparent reason the derailleur hanger snaps leaving me to carry out a GCN video single speed hack to get home.
Thinking about cutting my losses and binning it !
Picture Basil Fawlty , I feel like giving it a dam good thrashing.


  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 5,380
    There are only two things there which are related to the felt per se, that's the BB and the mech hanger. The carbon damage is from something you did.

    Misaligned or incorrectly pretensioned bearings can quickly damage a BB, and that could be an assembly issue (not sure if you've been replacing them yourself or not) or a problem with the frame itself, or even the conditions you have been cycling in.

    The mech hanger could be damage from use or a defect, but can be replaced.

    Shimano levers have a habit of internally shredding cables and it is something to look out for as part of routine maintenance.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    How have you got on with other bikes ?
  • ilovegraceilovegrace Posts: 620
    In have had a few bikes and this one is bleeding me dry .
    The things I have learned from it are;
    Never buy a press fit bb bike , especially if you do not have the PF ext/installation tools,
    Be very wary of internal cable routed bikes , it is not only the difficulty in re cabling
    but the way the cables come out of the frame varies from bike to bike and this can reduce the gear and braking performance,
    Learn as much about bike maintenance as you can ,
    I dont know , maybe it Covid 19 getting me down .
    Thanks for listening

  • No bike is deliberately designed badly. Most bikes work well when new. Most bike problems come from ham fisted maintenance and a refusal to buy new parts and proper tools.
  • ilovegraceilovegrace Posts: 620
    fair point
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