I have a 1995 vintage Voodoo Zolop which I’m still enjoying.

However the main pivot bearing where the front and rear frame section join
is getting loose ie moving laterally which is less than ideal.

Can anyone identify the bearing for me please so I can source a replacement?

I’m told all theses bearings have a four digit ID code which would also help.

All help/suggestions (other than get a new bike) appreciated.




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    Hi Dexter. Unless someone has changed the same bearings on the same bike you may not be able to find out the 4 digit code for the correct replacements.

    The most accurate and reliable way to find out will be to open up and take a look yourself for the small four digit code stamped on the bearing seals, e.g. (6902 2RS) the first four digits is the size code followed by 2RS which equals 2 rubber seals.

    If no code is on them they aren't standard bearings and would need removing, careful measuring of inner, outer diameters and depth.

    Alternatively take to any bearing suppliers and have them measure and supply correct replacements for you.

    As the replacements may not be cycling specific from average bearing supplier I would carefully remove one seal and pack with extra grease, replace seal and wipe off any excess to protect them from dirt ingress which will make them suitable for bike pivot application.
  • Thanks for that, much appreciated.
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    You're welcome. B)