Southampton Recommendation Needed

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After my two bikes we’re stolen from my house last year, my brother kindly gave me his carbon aero bike as he’s upgraded to a stunning looking de Rosa. The problem is that it has internal cables from the shifters, through the bars, stem, headtube, down tube to the derailleurs. Some tight bends along that route. The rear brakes and derailleur work fine but the front is a nightmare and after a lot of effort I’ve got a new cable fitted and it finally moves a bit but not enough to actually change cog on the front.

Can anyone recommend a place to take my bike in the Southampton area who has worked on this kind of problem before? I know of a few shops but I’m not sure if they would have seen this sort of thing before. Hargroves haven’t replied to my emails so I guess they’re not interested.

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    I was going to say Hargroves but you've already tried them.
    I would say to give them a ring though, they're never the quickest at replying to emails (even pre covid).

    The Chichester one only had two members of staff in at one point.

    Are you willing to travel?
    I know of a guy in Portsmouth who does bike repairs. He used to be the manager at one of the Hargroves shops
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    Thanks. I tried to call them but their phone line is only working for three 1-hour blocks through the day, which is exactly when I've got work appointments for the next few days. :(
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    anyone else you can recommend? I'd prefer not having to trek over to Portsmouth.
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    Service De Velo in Botley? Not sure if their workshop is open, but I had good service from them when they built my bike.