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Using Tacx Thru Axle or Kinetic Axle for outdoor cycling

Hi everyone!

I have a Ridley Helium SLA Disc bike and would like to use it with Tacx indoor wheel-on trainer. Now for that, I need a different axle since my current one is screwed directly into the bike frame and there is nothing for the trainer to fix on.

I have found two options that potentially suit me:

1. Tacx T1710 Trainer axle M12x1.5 for E-Thru
2. Kinetic T-2102 for M12 x 1.50 x 185mm

My current axle looks like this:

It's a 167mm long axle. Both of the options above are longer: 191 and 185 respectively so I am planning on using them with spacers.

Do you think either of those will work with my bike?
If yes, is it possible to use these axles for outdoor cycling as well? I am a bit worried about my frame since I am planning on training indoors with Zwift and outdoors once a week. I would not want to replace the axles this often. Hence I would prefer to have 1 axle that is suited for both.

If all of them fit, which one in your opinion is the best?

Thanks a lot!
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