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Rockshox reckon gold to air 120mm - Rebound

wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
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So what exactly does the rebound adjuster do on these (piccie attached)? I'm guessing it's how quick it returns to the resting position?

If that right why would you want it slow (turtle) a quicker route would surely keep the wheel in contact with the surface more?


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,192
    The quicker the rebound the more the wheel is in contact with the ground, however this can cause it to bounce losing contact and grip as well as making it uncomfortable. The idea is to set or tune the rebound and shock pressure to give the best ride and grip. Youtube is full of how to video clips.
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  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Thank you
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,192
    No problem. A simple way of understanding it is to take the shock absorbers off a car and rely on the springs. Car SOS did it on one of their episodes to explain it. Quite funny.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 1,986
    The full name for Rebound is actually "Rebound Damping",ie more rebound damping slows down the speed of the rebound as the fork tries to recover after a hit.

    Instead of a hare and tortoise, they should have had a pogo stick and a mattress!

    Fast rebound is like a pogo stick, great if you want to be jumping everywhere, but if you want to proceed down a bumpy trail and NOT be bounced off the bike, then you need a slower rebound. The temptation with going with a slower rebound is that it can be very comfortable. But too much rebound damping can slow the rebound so much that the fork has failed to fully recover from one hit before it gets another one. Hit by hit, the fork is slowly compressed in a process known as "packing down". By the time the fork is fully packed down, it is fully compressed. This means two things: one is you have no more suspension; second, the front of the bike is now 100mm lower (or whatever your fork travel is) than the rear. If you are still descending that bumpy trail then you are in line for an OTB experience! :'(
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Thank you for that. I understand a little better now
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