Shimano R8000 / R9100 rear chainstay rim brakes

Hi All
Just bought Roval CL50 wheels for my rim brake Scott Foil. The bike runs DA R9100 but I cheaped out when I built it , using an old 6800 series chainstay rear brake I had lying around.

I'm having an issue with the rim clearance as the caliper only opens so far - it actually fouls against its own arms when opened out fully. I have the brake working, by removing the conical spacer washers to the outside of the brake shoe bolt, but is not ideal as I'd like a touch more clearance. I know some have sanded down their brake shoes but I don't really want to go down that route, unless I have to. I'd rather buy a suitable brake.

The newer chainstay brakes (R8000 and R9100 series) claim to have more clearance for 28c tyres and suitable for rim widths of 20 - 28mm. The CL50's have a rim width of 29.4mm. Anyone running CL50's (or similarly wide rims) with the newer gen Shimano chain stay caliper? I don't want to go and buy one, only to have the same issue.

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