New MTB rider ~ Best Hardtail? ~ £800

Hello all,

I'm looking to buy my first real MTB, having always used older second-hand bikes in the past.

I'll be using it at a local trail centre and for a bit of general cross-country stuff as well as blasting down some twisty forest paths. I'm not totally clueless about bikes and have some idea of what I'm looking for (hardtail, ideally 1x drivetrain, decent fork, not too heavy). I've got a budget of anyhwere between £500 - £800 but could push it further if the price to performance seems worth it. If it helps, I'm 6' 1' with long arms and legs!

Any general buying advice, bike suggestions or tips for a newbie would be much appreciated. I'll link to a few bikes that I'm considering - opinions on any of these would be great to hear.


Voodoo Bizango 29


Vitus Nucleus 29 VRS 2020


Calibre Line 29


Rockrider AM 100 - Currently on sale for 749.99, down from 949.99


One last thing - due to the current situation and high demand it seems like only the Voodoo and the Rockrider are in stock right now...


  • parmos
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    i like cannondale and have the Trial 7
  • reaperactual
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    I normally would choose the Vitus but the Calibre Line is the best of your choices. All boost, best components and mostly it has the best forks of them all.

    Only slight negative for me is the Sram brakes, (although better than the others) but that's totally a personal thing as I like Shimano more.

    Voodoo is last on my list mainly because of 141 quick release rear and not a fan of Halford's or their bikes in general.
  • Cargobike
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    As another big bloke 6'4", Vitus all day long for me, even though I can get Calibre bikes at trade prices.
  • Thanks for the replies. Yeah the Line 29 looks top quality and it's got some great reviews. If it comes back in stock I think it'll be first choice out of those, as long as I can stretch my budget a bit to get there.

    Will take note of your thoughts on the Voodoo. I definitely prefer the Vitus to it but had heard that some components weren't as goodon the Vitus (Voodoo has a better fork I think?). Probably not much between them otherwise.