Full sus for 1k or less ?

I’m a 60 year old roadie and am very new to MTB having used my son’s 10 year old Diamond Back Coil FX a handful of times.
I’m using it on moorland trails with a bit of climbing and steep descents, biggest one has been 27 miles with 5300 feet of climbing to give an idea of what I will be doing. So , more riding trails than doing fancy stuff. If I get more than a foot in the air is is very much by accident.
I’m now looking at what I can get for maybe £1000 or less, I’ve been told that I’ll struggle with a budget as small and will need to spend significantly more.
I’m thinking if I can go out on a 10 year old bike that cost around £400 new then what on earth does the extra ££ get me ?
I realise the one I’m using could double as an anchor for an ocean liner but other than less weight what should I be looking to get for my money ?
This Decathlon bike looks pretty good for the money at £750 , ROCKRIDER ST 900 FULL SUSPENSION MOUNTAIN BIKE - 27.5", although in the blurb it says “ Not suitable for XC, All Mountain, Enduro and BMX.”
Any thoughts ?


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    CALIBRE Bossnut Mountain Bike full sus from go outdoors for just over 1k with their discount code. Think stock may e an issue
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    I would agree with oxoman about a hardtail. Being a long time roadie and the riding you intend to do a hardtail would be at least worth looking at.

    So much more for your money with good spec, forks etc. simple and less maintenance.

    If you're dead set on full sus have a look at upping your budget by a few hundred quid for a Vitus mythique VR, looks like a great all round, good value bike. Always had hardtails myself but I'm considering buying one as a second bike, availability permitting of course.
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    Cheers guys.
    That Calibre Bossnut looks very tempting .....
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    JUst a follow up on this..... I've got the current 2020 Bossnut and really love it. It's far more capable than I am. But..... at the moment I would be wary about buying Calibre.
    It appears there are a lot of problems of bikes being delivered with poor (no?) preparation.
    I wanted to order a spare mech hanger (mine is fine at the moment but wanted a spare) but they are out of stock. Lots of complaints from people who have damaged ones that now have unrideable bikes and can't get a hanger. No real reply from Go/Calibre and everything being blamed on Covid as far as I can see. The Feedback on the Calibre Facebook page is pretty much non-existent as far as I can see.
    So, whether this problem is prevalent in the industry at the moment I don't know but it would put me off buying with what I currently see.
    I should add, in fairness, when I bought the Bossnut around September 2019 the prep and hadover of the bike from Go at Basingstoke was excellent as was the little follow up service they do. The bike hasn't missed a beat.... but would I buy another Calibre? I don't know. It's a lot of bike for the money but if I was someone whohad taken delivery of a faulty bike and was unable to get it fixed and ride itI'd be furious.

    In the meantime, I hope I don't break my mech hanger.
    “You may think that; I couldn’t possibly comment!”

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    Thanks Dabber
    It is going to be a few months before I commit to a bike , hopefully supply issues will have eased by then, both for bikes and spares.
    The fact that Calibre only sell through Go Outdoors and the poor customer service that a person who posted on You Tube received regarding frame cracks is making me think twice.
    Seems to get great reviews though 🤔