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Dropper lever position

I am awaiting my new dropper post and wondered how it works when you have already have a gear shifter and brake on each end of the bar.

Is it cramped, and advice or piccies


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    You just have to make it fit the best you can, like this:

    Or get a lever that can be connected to the brake lever clamp such as Wolftooth, PNW Components or Bontrager.
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  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,162
    Most new bikes have integrated brake/shifters connected to one clamp. I spec for Shimano is an example. This is what frees up cockpit space for dropper remote levers.

    Otherwise it's a tricky thing to set up for convenience and ease of use.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,417
    edited June 2020
    Which side it goes may very well depend upon the style of the remote. The Rockshox Reverb (and no doubt many others) is left or right hand underneath the bar. If you want it on top of the bar, the hand becomes opposite. Under the bar is better for lever type remotes because they are out of the way. So if you want the lever under the bar on the left then you need to know exactly which one you want!
    Other remotes have a lever that only pivots up and down, like some of the Brand-X ones or by Kind Shock. They can go either side of the bar and only press down. Although I guess you could mount them so that they only press up, but that seems counter-intuitive to me.
    For cable operated droppers, you can buy remotes of different design to replace the one you have that you don't like (Wolftooth for ex). You don't have to get them from the dropper manufacturer.

    In terms of being cramped... If you are happy to remove your hand from the grip to operate your remote then you can put them anywhere on the bar you like. But if you prefer to leave your hand on the grip and operate the remote with your thumb, then yes you will have to compromise on where the remote goes so that it fits in with your other levers. The exception is if you have Sram brakes and shifters and buy a Reverb, in which case their Matchmaker mounts make easy work of the whole thing. Shimano may do something similar, but their I-spec mount is a poor design in comparison and I've never had a Shimano dropper (not even sure they make one), so I can't comment.

    One of the great benefits of going 1x is that mounting the remote becomes a non-problem. It goes on the left! That way, it evens out the work the hands have to do, ie each hand has only two levers to operate. If the remote goes on the right and you go 1x, you have one lever on the left and three on the right!

    So, I would strongly advise fitting your remote on the left to start with, because once you go 1x (and you will sooner or later), you don't have to get used to operating the remote from the left instead of the right.

    PS: When it comes to finding the correct position, consider swapping the sequence of clamps on the bar. Most bikes come fitted with brake clamp next to the grip, then shifter clamp. Because I use just my index finger for braking, I have the brake clamp a good way from the grip. This leaves room for the shifter to move inboard. In addition to horizontal spacing you need to get the rotational spacing right so that you can push/pull the shifter levers far enough and still be comfortable. Adding in a third lever can make compromise a necessity.
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Cheers guys it's the brand ascent 2. I would hope it sits next to my grip as my brake is pretty far in as I use one finger. Otherwise I could put in anywhere on the bar as it doesn't have to be as close to my immediate hand as the break or gears i guess.

    And yes I would love a 1x but this covid has be spending loads of my bike, I could have nearly bought a new one at this rate :)
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,417
    If it is the type of remote that is the left or right side type, with the lever going straight up and down, then you can put it right next to the grip. Like this:

    Ignore the gadget inboard of the brake lever, it's a mode shifter for my emtb.
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Cheers, yet I think mine will fit nicely there. I have a gap there already as I like my levers further in. Kinda excited, should be here saturday and looks fairly straight forward to fit
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Just need a trip out to Dalby Forest to test
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    I have just fitted my dropper and the paddle position is not ideal sue to having a brake and gear shifter there already, but it's not too bad running along side.

    The one thing I found is the clamp younger is pants. It does not grip tight enough, hence the shifter moves about.

    I have used a bit of tape to help, but has anyone else thought this and what was your solution?

    Any other clamp recommendations?
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,417
    Tape will disintegrate when wet and doesn't grip well even when dry. Cut up a piece of inner tube and use that, grippy! It also has the advantage of being thick enough to make a difference with one layer. :)
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Great idea. Something for me to do on this rainy day. Cheers
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Tried this, the clamp is too small and wont clamp even with a small bit of rubber. Apparently the very 2 clamp is better 🤔😬
  • wavey1000wavey1000 Posts: 59
    Has anyone got the ver 2 clamp on this dropper?
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,162
    I would double check, but off the top of my head the V2 is better because it's for i-spec standard to fit with combined shift and brake clamps and doesn't have it's own band clamp?
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