La Passione bibshort types

Hi Guys,

Quick question. I have a couple pairs of la passione bibshorts from 2017 and they are easily my favourite - very comfy, good fit, and I was a big fan of the pad. Back then there seemed to only be one type of short to buy.

Since then, it seems they have diversified the types of bibshorts they have.

Does anyone have any view on which of the new genres are most like those older shorts?


  • daniel_b
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    Oh the classic range has gone!

    I expect that is what we both have, and as you say, stunning quality material and pad.

    By looks, I suspect it is either the club or prestige, but as they are generally pretty good at replying, I would be inclined to drop them a line and ask - and if you do find out, please reply on here :-)
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  • rick_chasey
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    Might well have to do that.