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Wheel Decals

ed1973ed1973 Posts: 278
I have a set of DT Swiss wheels (I have no idea what model all I can just about make out is the very faint DT Swiss on them) and the decals have pretty much faded away to just bare white sticker which look pretty ugly. I want to revamp the whole bike so I have ordered lots of new bits but the fact that the wheels look ugly with the white stickers is doing my nut! My choices are to just remove the old decals and leave the rims bare, or get new decals. I contacted a firm that do custom decals but they wanted £22 for 4 stickers, so I then contacted TF Tuned (who are the DT Swiss service centre in the UK) and they are great people and were very helpful but they wanted £18 for 4 stickers. So I then went to the very top and emailed DT Swiss who said they don’t have them as they just use waterslide decals now. Have I exhausted my options, are there any other suggestions out there or do I just pay the £18 for stickers?


  • How much is a new set of wheels?
    How much did your bike cost?
    How much did all your other gear cost?
    £18 isn't really a lot in comparison is it?
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,162
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    As for removing old graphics, peel off and use regular gas lighter oil (squirty tin type) makes residual glue come off easily.

    Try searching Slik Graphics based in Sweden I think? Good range, price, custom colours and usually free postage. Other sites like Indibike or Inkmyride are also worth a look.

    Price may not be much cheaper but you can get exactly what you want.

    I purchased these for a previous bike from Slik Graphics for around £35 for full front and rear for the genuine look:-

  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Just remove the stickers, clean off the glue residue, go stealth and save a few quid.
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  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,417
    Depending upon the colour of your bike, I would consider the stealth option. That way nobody will know whose wheel you have! I have used Slik Graphics in Sweden for some fork decals and I am impressed with the quality and the speed of response.

    Here is a link to their rim decal page: (Prices vary from £12 to £60). The cost of production will be the same, so I'm assuming the difference is the licence fee extracted by the wheel maker. But I guess it could be that the expensive ones are still paying off the one-off cost of the original graphics, because of low sales. Their DT Swiss graphics are priced between £12 and £19 depending upon style and model
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,439
    Just go bare, nobody can see the decals when it's ridden. Bikes are for riding and not extensions of man bits like fancy cars. Aka jezza.
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  • ed1973ed1973 Posts: 278
    These are all great answers thanks all for your input.
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