Please ID this Shimano 7950 Crank Part

I was have BB noises, so took it apart and found that the plastic insert/gasket on the drive side had broken off a piece and was getting crunched around on the inside. I believe it is required to snug the fit between the axle and bearings.

Note that in the photo, the part is pushed up from its normal position which is down against the chainring.

Please ID proper name for the part and where I might source it.

All advice appreciated...thanks in advance.


  • david37
    david37 Posts: 1,313
    it looks like a dust shield from the bottom bracket
  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,702
    It is part of the BB. As far as I know, Shimano only sell the BBs as a single unit rather than selling spare parts.
  • reaperactual
    reaperactual Posts: 1,185
    edited June 2020
    I've heard it described as a top hat bearing shield for an external bottom bracket, Hollowtech II or similar. Only ever seen replacements for sale on a shop website in the U.S:-