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Roger Black exercise bike

Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’ve taken to dusting off my old exercise bike, it’s a Roger Black Gold Bike, but the older model (AG11203). I have mislaid the manual and can’t for the life of me work out how to change it from ’miles’ to ‘kilometres’ when it displays distance. Can anyone help? I’ve trawled the internet but finding an answer has proved impossible. Thanks.


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Just print out a ready reckoner. 5miles is 8km

    10miles is 16km etc.

    It's not real distance anyway.
  • daftfishdaftfish Posts: 5
    Thank you. I know how to convert the ‘distance’, that isn’t the issue I want solving.
  • Darius_JedburghDarius_Jedburgh Posts: 675
    Don't worry about it.
    For the length of time you will be using the bike it won't really matter.
  • daftfishdaftfish Posts: 5
    That’s very helpful Darius, thank you for your insightful input.
  • edindevonedindevon Posts: 325
    The Q&A section for the later version of this exercise bike on Argos includes the following:

    You can change the display between KM and Miles by holding down the + and - keys together until you hear a beep....although this option is not mention in the instruction manual.

    Have you tried this?

  • d00d4hd00d4h Posts: 47
    Don't know if this is the right model, but the fact that the specs are listed in metric only might imply that there is no function to switch to imperial:

    The same goes for the higher spec bikes in the range, so I assume that this is not a function.
  • daftfishdaftfish Posts: 5
    Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately the model I have doesn’t have those buttons, see image attached. Also the bike is currently in imperial miles and I want to switch it to km. You can see in the image that when I depress the enter button it shows all functions available, and that under distance it should be possible to have Km, the question is how to do it. It’s twisting my melon!

  • daftfishdaftfish Posts: 5
    edited 3 June
    I don't know why the image is so poor quality. They've reduced it to hell!
  • mpattsmpatts Posts: 962
    Similar to this, I have a Chris Boardman treadmill which I cannot adjust the incline on.
    Insert bike here:
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