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Going from Specialized shoes to giro need advice

hi !

I'm actually using Specialized S-works 6 shoes in 42,5 Wide and I'm about to switch to SPD pedals for gravel and other things. Since I'm used to a stiff outsole, I saw the giro VR90 that I like a lot, but the distributor is having trouble getting it's hands on a 42,5 HV. I wonder if the fit is the same since I have a wide foot. Anyone as experience on the difference between 2 high end models in those two brand ? would a normal VR90 but in 43 fit ?

Thank you !


  • bobonesbobones Posts: 1,215
    Giro shoes are quite narrow and small sized in my experience so I suspect you'd best to stick with the HV models.
  • amrushtonamrushton Posts: 1,245
    have a look at Bikefit James on YouTube or give him a ring. He is v.knowledgeable re this stuff and might have a recommendation. Price of a phone call is better thatn £100s on shoes. I have no affiliation with him btw
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,684
    Never worn Specialized but Giro are slightly narrower than Shimano in my experience. I doubt they'd be similar to a wide fitting in any make.
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  • def_defyrdef_defyr Posts: 93
    I went the other way round. Giros too narrow for my forefoot so went with Specialized BG something or other (can't recall model atm). You will likely find the same issue with Giro as I did (previously used DMT, which are mid-wide. But I think as I've aged my feet are spreading!)
  • bianchi_davebianchi_dave Posts: 847
    I wear S Works 7 in size 44 and Giro Empire SLX in size 45, both standard fit. I have high arches and use the Specialized BG green insoles in both pairs of shoes.

    Length of the shoes are about the same but the Giros are a fair bit narrower than the S Works through the mid foot and toe box, even though a 'size' larger. Conversely, the heel cup on the S Works is very grippy and a lot more snug than the Giro.

    Bear in mind that the high end Specialized shoes (or maybe them all, I'm not sure) have a varus tilt built into the sole. I think that's the reason I prefer my S Works over the Giro for longer rides.

    Hope this helps
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