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Changing Campy cassette from 12-27 to 12-29 on bike with EPS v1 groupset - seeking advice

spokeydokeyleespokeydokeylee Posts: 5
edited May 2020 in Workshop

I’ve tried swapping my cassette over from 12-27 to 12-29 to help a little with my hills efforts, my crank is 53/39.

When I’m on the small chain ring and in first gear it does not run smoothly, the rear derailleur appears to jump about but it’s perfectly fine when I move to the second gear. I’ve tried re-calibrating the gears and it’s made no difference.

Chain length is not an issue as it works perfectly in first gear when I move to the large chain ring, I appreciate that the angle is not ideal.

What am I missing or is it just that the cassette is not compatible with the derailleur?

Thanks for your help.




  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,337
    edited May 2020
    Is there an adjuster screw on the derailleur?
    Not rhe H or L screws.
    If yes, adjust this to drop the jockey wheel away from the cassette.
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