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Most Durable PF92/BB92 Bottom Brackets (BB)

Looks like one of my bottom bracket bearings is pretty gritty so I’m looking to replace the BB. PF92/BB92 with a 24mm spindle. Wondering what the longest lasting options are. Based on some googling it looks like either Shimano or wheels manufacturing threaded? Don’t need ultimate performance, just durability.

Also wondering if anyone makes a PF92 BB where I can replace the just bearings instead the bearings and cups (i.e. I could source some decent bearing and press them into the cups rather than tossing the whole thing). With polymer cups I doubt Shimano is an option. Has anyone tried this with the wheels manufacturing BBs? Or event BBinfinite? If the shell lasts forever and I can just press in new bearing than maybe it’s worth shelling out for.


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Get a Wheels Mfg screw together jobbie.
    I had one fitted to my Trance 3 years ago and it has gone in to the shop for the first bearing change today.
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  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    I had a HollowTech II type BB and I was replacing the BB every 15-18 months. The BB cost me less than £20. When I looked at "something more durable", it was going to cost me more like £100. So was it going to last longer than 6- 7 years? (That is just to break even!) Maybe, but I would have sold the bike long before that. For me, it was cheaper to use budget BBs and take the 20 mins or so every 15-18 months to change them.
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