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Tyre size check

teestyketeestyke Posts: 7
Quick bit of advice if folks out there have a couple of minutes.
I'm looking to put new tyres on my Mavic Kysrium Elites. I currently use 25, but am looking to go to 28 if possible. I've measured the rim width (see photo - looks like 17mm inner width)

and checking the Mavic website I'm thinking 28 tyres will be fine. Just looking to see if anyone can confirm or advise otherwise.
Cheers folks👍


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,596
    28s will be fine.
  • s_j_pwmbs_j_pwmb Posts: 75
    I’ve used 28’s on my Ksyrium Elites since new with no problem. Just make sure there’s sufficient frame and brake bridge clearance (There should be on most newer frames and brakes).
  • teestyketeestyke Posts: 7
    Thanks for the swift feedback. Good point about the clearance - I'll double check before ordering. Thanks again :)
  • Amazing!
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