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Next "puncture-free" tyres?

I'm on Marathon Plus 25c, currently 4,300miles in, on my commuter single speed. Just swapped rear and front but they will reach 5,000miles by end of August and the treads will go then.

I've been blessed to have no puncture so far with this baddasses.

So I'm on the look out for a new pair of "puncture-free" tyres.

I've been interested on Tannus airless tyres but my wheel set up doesn't quite fit with their sizes. I have from electric motor rim (20mm inner rim) and a rear Halo Aerorage flip flop (14mm inner rim). I want a pair of 25c but I can only find 32c as the thinnest that can go on 20mm inner rim...

1. Another M+: happy to get another but also keen to trial something else.

2. Something equivalent to M+?: What else are out there to rival Marathon Plus?

3. Get Tannus: Like the idea of overall weight reduction by ditching pump & spare kit. Any experience on Tannus?

What are your recommendations?

Thanks and keep on cycling!


  • Hmm... I'm sure there are plenty of commuters with something to comment about "puncture-free" tyres.

    Decided that Tannus won't work with my wheels. Can't find the right size that fits 14mm and 20mm inner rims with both same tyre dimensions.

    So Marathon Plus, or...
    GP 4 Seasons?
    What else that are "as good" as Marathon Plus?
  • PMarkPMark Posts: 159
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    For puncture resistance, nothing is probably as good as the Marathon Plus. If you are happy to try something faster, then nothing wrong with trying another tyre. But if you are just after the one with the best protection, I would stay with what you have.

    My personal best combo of type is GP 4 Seasons on the rear and GP4000 2 on the front. Never got a puncture (ran until the tread started to ware out on the rear). But I suspect I was also bit lucky.
    I have also tried Gatorskins, good protection and faster than the Marathons, but need to check every now and then otherwise road debris will get embedded in type and work it's way into the inner tube.
    Michelin Endurance, got a puncture every few weeks with these, so just ended up getting rid of.
    Schwalbe Durano Plus, this is my current winter tyre, no punctures yet but only used for about 2 months, so a bit early to tell. My initial thoughts are it is faster/more comfy than the Gatorskins it replaced.
  • I’ve used Tannus tyres for a few years. I like them, they take a bit of getting used to, but the savings in time ( especially on a commute, in rubbish weather, when it’s dark ) are worth it. image
    Here’s the commuter / winter road bike on the 25mm versions. I’ve also run 28mm. Tannus also make inserts that go in bigger Hybrid / Gravel type tyres now.
  • Agent57Agent57 Posts: 2,300
    I had Tannus tyres for a couple of years, but in the end I binned them.

    The only thing they have going for them is being puncture proof. In every other respect they were awful.

    Heavier than my tyres and tubes. The profile was strange, and they didn't deflect like pneumatic tyres so cornering could be interesting. The grip was much worse, and in the wet they were terrifying at times. Especially on white lines or metal covers. Heck, they'd slide off the top of a slightly raise white line.

    Some people like them, and the peace of mind of knowing there's no chance you're going to end up changing a flat in the dark and freezing rain is great. But no, I wouldn't use them again.

    Also, the clips wear out, so they can be pulled out by hand, and just pop themselves out due to the lack of centripetal force. My tyre started flapping around at anything over about 15mph.
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