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11 speed chains

I seem to be at the point where I need to change my KMC X11 EL chain.
I am running this on Ultegra 8000, despite regular cleaning and wet lubrication, it doesn't seem to last as long as I recall?
Looking for a new KMC online, there appear to be less KMC and more SRAM marketed.
Is there a stand out 11 speed chain everyone is using these days, or do I stick with the KMC?


  • Dorset_BoyDorset_Boy Posts: 6,664
    Stop using wet lube and move to dry, and just reapply more often. I get around 8,000 kms out of the same KMC chain, even allowing for winter use that way, also on Ultegra 8000.
    I've found KMC to be the best chains though rumour has it they also make Shimano's chains too.
  • clubsportclubsport Posts: 51
    I have used dry, it doesn't last that long and if I get caught in a rain shower it disappears.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence on KMc though!
  • yellowv2yellowv2 Posts: 276
    Campagnolo. Best chains IME and use Rock&Roll lubes from Cycleclinic.
  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,333
    Decent dry lube, a frequent wipe down and reapplication of lube will extend life.
    This article will be of interest to you:

    IIRC Shimano chains come out a lot better than KMC in terms of durability and value.
  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,907
    I've just replaced a KMC X11 which I didn't think had lasted that well, though it is my first since swapping components from 10s. I don't map mileage or hours used on components so I have no hard data on how well it has actually fared. I've done quite a bit of virtual Alpine climbing as well, so that may have accelerated wear.

    I took a chance on a Clarks CSL-H11CR from Amazon (a third party seller). Although that has slotted outer plates both sides it actually worked out 10g heavier than the KMC, and I can't imagine it has lost that in wear. Not that it's significant but some folk care that much. Came with a quick link and is self-lubricating, so may withstand a bit worse treatment in that respect.

    I ordered another two anyway, as I wanted a spare and one would have incurred a delivery charge equivalent to about half the price of a chain. Last ones were only £13.99 each, which doesn't seem bad.
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,152
    I use KMC X11 SLs on all my bikes.
    Decent degrease and lube (I use NFS) and I generally get 10000km from them (0.5% worn).

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