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Brake axle nut thread gone

gyerebelegyerebele Posts: 3
edited May 2020 in Workshop
Hi Everyone,

Put a brand new (budget) front brake onto my fixie, that I couldn't tighten properly, it was sitting loose in the fork. Kept trying and probably damaged it, so now I can turn it both directions, but it doesn't tighten or loosen at all even if:

I take the wheels off and hold the nut with a wrench, whilst turning the brake itself around.
Holding the axle and turning the nut.
Wedged directly behind the nut putting pressure on and trying to unscrew it.

Any ideas how to take it off the fork? Thanks guys.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,180
    Suspect last resort maybe to cut through with a small hacksaw. Preferably between the washer and nut. You may be able to put some tension on the rod against the nut, that sometimes helps to restart the thread to help remove it.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • gyerebelegyerebele Posts: 3
    Thanks I had to cut it off eventually (the nut), thread was gone underneath in places. thanks for the help!
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