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Cycling bib shorts (Endura, Assos or Castelli)

I would like to buy bib shorts and I was shortlisted for three models as follows:
1. Endura Pro SL II
2. Assos T.equipe EVO
3. Castelli Endurance II
If anyone uses any of the above I would ask to share your experience and opinion. I am especially interested in the comfort of the seat pad because I drive long rides, 4h +.
Any impressions on fit, comfort, longevity etc. would be appreciated.
You could also help with the choice of size, you can write your own, of course for the bib shorts you wear. I am 183 cm tall and waist 102 cm. I am currently wearing bib shorts from Santini size XXL and Scott size XL.



  • s_j_pwmbs_j_pwmb Posts: 75
    Shorts are a very personal thing, but my favoured long-distance bibs are Assos or LeCol. I’m 183/91cm and Assos XL fit is excellent and they also do a TIR size which is a little bigger if you need it. The Assos pad seems too slim and insubstantial to be comfortable, but perhaps because it’s free to float (not sewn fully in) it is actually supremely comfortable and relatively breathable. LeCol pads are harder and thicker but I still find them comfortable.

    I find Castelli just don’t fit me, even their XXL size has straps which are too short despite the waist/hips being OK, and I’d assume you would find them equally problematic. I’m also not a lover of either their (usually highly regarded) Progretto or Kiss pads, both of which have given me sores, perhaps because of the snug straps pulling on the pad.

    I’ve never tried the Endura shorts so can’t comment on them.
  • daviescgwendaviescgwen Posts: 44
    I’ve tried all three and as previous thread stated it is at the end of the day a personal choice. But here’s my experience.

    I have used Castelli bib tights for two years with the x2 pad and this is very comfortable. Love the bib tights. As for bib shorts I just can’t get on with the shorts. I find the compression a little too much. I’m a 34 waist and need xxl in castelli but theres a seem running along that puts to much pressure on my groin.

    Assos I have evo pro these are comfortable but not sure they are worth paying the premium for.

    Endura pro sl are very good for the money and are one of my go to pair. I have these in size large as they are a true fit.

    I will also throw into the Mix the sportful fiandre shorts with the tc pro pad. These are my most comfortable pair and also have the added bonus of water proofing. Again italian sizing here XXL despite large in endura but for all round comfort these are my preferred pair.

    Hope thats of some use.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,077
    I have always worn Assos bibs but I struggle to get on with the new floating pad. I find it creases and causes discomfort. It’s a solution to a problem that didn’t exist.
  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 1,065
    No experience with the other 2 but I have 3 pairs of Castelli Endurance with the Progetto X2 pad & I love them for long rides.

    I'm exactly 6 feet tall, probably a 32-34 waist & I usually get a Large or XL, I don't find much difference between the 2. They are what I would call race fit so deffo size up if you don't like them too tight.
  • skeetamskeetam Posts: 178
    edited May 2020
    webboo said:

    I have always worn Assos bibs but I struggle to get on with the new floating pad. I find it creases and causes discomfort. It’s a solution to a problem that didn’t exist.

    The Assos floating pad folds in half and gives me a wedgie but the fit of the actual shorts is great :D
  • exlaserexlaser Posts: 261
    I am a big fan of Endura . They are always my go to shorts . Good quality, great fit ( Plus sizing is always spot on , no need to size up ) . They are a mid market product with a up market feel .
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  • eldarpeldarp Posts: 5
    Thanks for the answers. I have nowhere to try the listed bib shorts and I have to order them online so I am somehow guided by logic and gather information from cyclists to determine the right size. Of course, quality and comfort are important to me, and I know that all three brands are very high quality and that there is no mistake in buying any. But here through this conversation I learned that the Assos insole is not sewn (fixed) to the bib shorts and that it moves. That may suit someone, but it certainly wouldn't suit me.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    edited May 2020
    I'll give my 2 pennies worth.

    I tried Assos a few years ago, and could not get on with the pad or the cut - I'm reasonably slight, so perhaps just not suited to my shape.

    Castelli X2 Progetto pad is superb, but I hate the Kiss pad, mega uncomfortable.
    The endurance shorts have the X2 pad fitted, and were available a few months ago for only £57, which is a proper billy bargain.

    Endura shorts I am very impressed with, the ones you speak of I think you can buy in different pad widths - I buy them in XS with the narrow pad, and hammer them on the turbo, or for training rides outside.
    Somewhere recently had them for something nuts like £45 a pair.

    My best go to shorts (I know you didn't ask this!) for outdoor riding are:
    Rapha Pro Team II
    La Passione Classic
    Ale DRS

    Good luck, it can be a frustrating and expensive quest, as you can't easily tell if a short is right for you until you ride, and then of course you can only sell it on, not return for a refund.

    I think I am better now at guaging when I put a pair of shorts on whether it will be right or not, but the old adage of if it's really good it never crosses your mind whilst on a ride, very much holds true for me.

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  • gsk82gsk82 Posts: 3,399
    Just get the Assos. You'll wonder why you even thought about getting anything else.
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,046
    102 cm waist might be a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL in the Castelli range.
    I am 78 and I am an L.

    On the flip side of the coin, I can fit an XS DHB base layer
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  • grenwgrenw Posts: 803
    Got the non evo Assos Equipes. They're pretty much the only bib shorts I've worn for the past 5 years - nothing else has come close and has been left at home. Love the pad - and have the same one in my Tiburu 3/4s. Between those two pairs I do all my riding and they look almost as good as new after 5 years.

    Looking for a new pair now and considering another pair (the Evos) or whether to upgrade the the RS bibs
  • I’ll be honest - I love Endura gear, and recently bought two pairs of the Pro SL II shorts. And it may be completely unrelated, but on the two long rides I’ve done so far this year I’ve found the shorts a good deal less comfy than the bog-standard DHB aerons they’ve replaced. The fit's fine, but the pad doesn’t seem to suit me at all.
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  • DgtlmanDgtlman Posts: 9
    I have had good luck with Castelli. Their size perspective is based on a fit-euro style body, and not as generous loose as American typically thing of sizing.

    Plus, if you look at any of their clothes that are designed for racing (For example thier Rosso Corsa line), prepare for it to be even slimmer.

    But if you can dial in a fit with them, their stuff is really nice.
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