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Rear derailuer sleeping gears when shifting down (shimano 105/new cable)

inukeinuke Posts: 1
Hi guys, I got a new cable but I cant seem to adjust my rear derailleur since then.
It was working perfectly but I had to change the cable because it literally broke on the shifter.

Now my limit screws are perfect (just like before)
I didnt touch the tension screw and it was perfect before
the derailur is perfctly aligned and adjusted, no noises and gearing up works just perfect.

But theres something making my gearing down lever to DOUBLE click.
It clicks and gears perfect when I press it, but as I let it go it clicks again and makes the deraileur go 3 or 4 gears down.

Can anyone give me a clue or know whats wrong? Could it be the shift lever that is bad or what?
Ive tried everything.. cable tension maybe?

thanks all tips appreciated


  • racerexracerex Posts: 66
    Make sure the swaged end of the cable is properly seated in the shifter and restrained. It sounds like it is probably binding on the up shift but then goes slack when released.
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