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Newbie alert!! Advice on which bike to buy...

Morning All,

I'm after a bit of advice....

I've recently made the switch from MTB to road bike. I purchased a Boardman ADV 8.9 to help me make the transition, and I have to say i love the bike. However i now want something faster!!

I have been looking at some road/aero bikes, and I love the look for the Aero 883 from Ribble.

Does anyone have any advice on what would be a good next step? I have anywhere up to £3k to spend, but ideally want to cap it at about £2k for now, and then maybe make upgrades later down the line.

Open to advice/Suggestions....

Thanks all,
Dave the Newbie!


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Just get a set of deep rim road wheels and some nice tyres.

    It'll be 99% as fast as a road bike.
  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,333
    The deep wheels and tyres will definitely help but the most important thing is rider position, how low and aggressive is your current position?

    In terms of bikes, how about the Canyon Aeroad?
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Low and aggressive position is only useful if you can get the power out like that.

    I have a winter bike fairly similar to the OP. With road tyres on it flies. Position is pretty similar to my summer bike but I'm higher up due to the higher BB clearance.

    I'd try the wheels and tyres and then you can always run those on a road frame in the future to get your winter and summer bikes set up.
  • NewbieDaveNewbieDave Posts: 4
    My position isnt as low, or aggressive as i'd like.... i'm taking Yogo classes to help with this.

    I did look at the Canyon Grail as I liked the look for the bike... But when customizing the Aero883, it seems i could get a higher spec for my money?

    I also looked at the Pinarello Prince Ultegra.....

    My plan moving forwards would be to use the Boardman as my winter bike and this one as my summer bike... would 2 bikes be enough?

    (Newbie question, whats the OP or BB clearance??)
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    OP is Original Poster.
    BB is Bottom Bracket. It's slightly higher off road to keep the chainset from hitting tree roots etc.
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