In need of legal advice following collision

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I was involved in an incident last week (don't want to go into the details here) and the other party is now threatening legal action to claim for the damage to their car. I believe there is joint liability for this, but I do not have any insurance with third party cover.

Can anyone recommend someone I can speak to about this? I'm not really interested in making a claim (my bike was written off), but I would like to protect myself.

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  • Cargobike
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    Unfortunately, you'll need to make a counter claim, otherwise you open yourself up to bearing the full costs for both parties if their claim is found to be proven.
    However, if you put in a counter claim it automatically limits any costs that can be claimed against you IIRC.

    This probably explains it better than I can:-

    As for legal advisors, I really couldn't nominate one over the other, but there are plenty online who offer the service. It might be worthwhile talking to CyclingUK as a starting point.

    Hope this helps.
  • wiznaeme
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    Have you checked if the public liability cover from your households contents policy is of assistance to you?