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Comfort of oval vs aero handlebar top section

I'm just about to get started on a new build and have been looking at choices for the bars. I like the look of the wide, flat tops on bars like the 3T aeronova or Prime Primavera, but how comfortable are they to actually ride on?

I tend to keep my hands on the tops for long, steady climbs (of which there are quite a few round here) and get on well with my current bars with oval top sections (3T ergonova on the outgoing bike, Ritchey Streem II on the winter bike)

I think the full aero tops would work better with the build, but not if I can't actually use it as a hand position!

Thanks for any help,


  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,209
    Depends. I had 3T Aeronova bars for a few years, but found on rides of 60-100 miles, they weren't very comfortable on the tops for long periods. I switched to a new set of FSA AGX with a less flat top, but the splayed out drops just felt weird to me. I switched to Prime Black Edition Primevera not long ago which have less depth on the tops and seem more comfortable than the Aeronova. I readily admit that if FSA still did the old K-Wing, I'd have them in a heart beat.
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